Mouse control

qGo offers advanced navigation features by using the mouse only, to provide a comfortable interface to the user. Mouse gestures are implemented as button and wheel gestures.

These navigation gestures are an additional feature, they offer basically the same as the toolbar or keyboard control, but are meant to make a convinient way of navigation through a game available.

Mousebutton navigation

There are four navigation gestures available:

  • Hold right, then click left -> Previous move

  • Hold left, then click right -> Next move

  • Hold middle, then click left -> Start of variation

  • Hold middle, then click right -> Go to next variation


This only applies if the mouse pointer is over the green table part of the window, not if it is over the valid goban, to avoid accidental changes to the game when applying navigation gestures through the mousebuttons.

Mousewheel navigation

  • Mousewheel forward -> Previous move

  • Mousewheel backward -> Next move

  • Hold right + mousewheel forward -> Previous variation

  • Hold right + mousewheel backward -> Next variation


This applies when the mouse pointer is over any part of the board window - the green table or the valid wooden goban. Using the mousewheel won't cause accidental clicks on the goban. So this is a slight difference to the mousebutton navigation.