• To uninstall the rpm, login as root and type:

    rpm -e qgo

  • On Debian, do as root:

    dpkg -P qgo

  • If you installed from the sources, cd into the qgo-(version) directory and type as root:

    make uninstall


To uninstall qGo:

  • Locate qGo's program folder from your Start folder and select 'Uninstall qGo'.


  • Locate the qGo directory - by default C:\Program Files\qGo\ and run unins000.exe manually.


  • You can also use the Add/Remove Programs utility from the Control Panel.


There is a residing file .qGorc containing configuration information and Go server account information. The path to this file is either one of the environment variables HOME or USERPROFILE or the system path root or c:\ or similar.